Seaside Park

Seaside Park Bomber Sentenced to Life in Prison
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Ahmad Khan Rahimi, the man who set off an explosive device in a Seaside Park garbage can before the start of the Semper 5K race back in 2016 has been sentenced today by a federal judge to multiple life terms in prison...
Stei’s Radio College Reunion at Seaside Park
Almost thirty years ago, I was an out of control "shock jock" causing trouble on what was known as a "carrier current" station, a low wattage AM signal that carried a few blocks throughout the campus.
Join Us For Another Weekend In Seaside Park
An overcast day did not keep the crowd away from our Seaside Park broadcasts.  Heck, I broke my toe and came out... what's your excuse? Highlights included Meagan's 16th birthday party and the endless group of "BFF's" who planned to, but forgot to promote their …
Playa Bowl Now Open on Seaside Park Boardwalk
We've been telling you about the new construction and businesses coming back to the Seaside Park Boardwalk. The area between the Beachcomber going south to the Saw Mill has been empty since the boardwalk fire back in 2013.
Big thanks to Justin Louis from our sister station WOBM-FM for giving me the h…

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