Seaside Park

Stei Sells Seaside By The Seashore
When I joined the 105.7 The Hawk team in the spring of 2013, I knew it was a great fit. Just a few months later, they told me I would be broadcasting from the Seaside Park Boardwalk all summer, and I thought I hit the lottery! Memorial Day weekend, the party continues again as we take over Seaside P…
Is There a Brewery Coming to Seaside Park?
It is possible, and If it does happen, it will be known as a Nano-Brewery; a brewery that produces a small amount of beer.
The location would be on W. Central Ave, and according to our friends at Shorebeat, would likely be called the "Heavy Reel Brewing Company"
A hearing will be hea…
New Rules Regarding Chairs for the Toms River Halloween Parade
Normally in year's past, you start seeing empty chairs along the Toms River Halloween Parade route on Main Street days before the parade is even happening. Parade goers do this to reserve their spot nice and early. Most of the time the chairs start coming out a few days before,but there have been so…

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