Memorial Day

New Jersey Gas Prices Could Hit $3 a Gallon by Memorial Day
Aside from the 23 cent gas tax hike that went into affect last month, I'm probably not the only one noticing gas prices slowly creeping up as of late.
Gas was $2.43 a gallon at Wawa this morning. It wasn't too long ago (before the gas tax) that prices were only a little higher than $2 a gal…
The Science Of A Traffic Jam
Education is the key to prevention! As we brace ourselves for the onslaught of summer traffic, this video explains how one single car can cause a huge jam.
Are you Still Wearing White?
The Lovely Christina and I were talking earlier on the show today that you  can no longer wear white after Labor Day>
She asked me if I was, and I responded "no". It's just a coincidence really because I haven't even given it a thought. I also told her that "I'm lucky I'm even weari…

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