First Look: Beach Bar Returning to Seaside Heights Boardwalk
About a month ago, I wrote a blog about speculation of the Beach Bar being rebuilt and returning to the Boardwalk in Seaside Heights.
Well, that speculation has become REALITY. MODE- Architects, the company developing the Beach Bar, has received unanimous approval from the Seaside Heights Planning Bo…
Junk Rock Coming to Seaside Heights This Summer
Every Thursday during July and August this Summer, Junk Rock Drums is coming to the boardwalk in Seaside Heights. The fun begins Thursdays at 4p til 7p.
What is Junk Rock? It is kind of reminds me of Blue Man Group, but without blue men.
It actually looks like it is going to be a lot of fun for everyo…
Playa Bowl Now Open on Seaside Park Boardwalk
We've been telling you about the new construction and businesses coming back to the Seaside Park Boardwalk. The area between the Beachcomber going south to the Saw Mill has been empty since the boardwalk fire back in 2013.
Big thanks to Justin Louis from our sister station WOBM-FM for giving me the h…
The Aztec Bar in Seaside Heights Has a New Name
I was walking on the boardwalk today in Seaside Heights, and I noticed that the Aztec Bar has changed its name to the Aztec Ale House.
I did not know that this has happened. The bar was not open when I was up on the boardwalk today so I couldn't really see if anything on the inside has changed, …
A 350 Foot Polercoaster is Coming to Atlantic City
This looks crazy but looks pretty awesome as well.  Developers are building a 350 ft vertical rollercoaster.....I mean "Polercoaster", on the Atlantic City boardwalk.
The coaster along with bars, restaurants, retail shops, and more is to built on the site of the former Sands Ca…
Three Years Ago- Seaside Park Boardwalk Fire
Yesterday (9/12) was the three year anniversary of the Seaside Park fire that destroyed what was left of the boardwalk that was unaffected from Hurricane Sandy.
I remember it was a Thursday afternoon around 2:30 pm when I started seeing things pop up on Facebook about the fire...
Playing the National Anthem in Seaside to Be Stopped Temporarily
Repairs to the PA system on the Seaside Heights boardwalk is causing the playing of the National Anthem at 11am each morning to be suspended temporarily.
According to Borough Administrator Christopher Vaz:
“The FM transmitter that links the music function to the wireless speakers continues to transmit…

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