Seaside Heights Easter Egg Hunt Postponed!
The annual Seaside Heights Easter Egg Hunt that was supposed to take place this Sunday, has been postponed due to the coastal storm coming our way this weekend. Officials have rescheduled the event for next Saturday 3/26 at 1p
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Getting the Seaside Heights Sky-Ride Ready for Summer [VIDEO]
It's that time of year to get the Seaside Heights Boardwalk ready.
The St. Patrick's Day Parade is this Saturday, Easter is around the corner and the weather is so nice right now
Store owners are putting a fresh coat of paint on their businesses. Game operators are setting up the prizes. The…
Winter in Seaside Heights [PHOTOS]
The last week or so has been pretty cold, so with today having plenty of sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures, I decided to take a (long overdue) walk on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk.
Of course it was quiet. Nice and quiet......Just a few other walkers, along with me, to feel the sun on our fac…
A Beautiful Day on the Jersey Shore [PICS]
We all know how crappy this winter has been, so it is awesome when we get a day like this in February. We have to enjoy it while we can, cause we know the cold temps will be returning next week
I got the chance to go to the boardwalk today and walk around for a bit...
Seaside Park Boardwalk Fire Photos
I had a chance today to walk around Seaside Heights/Seaside Park and see the damage from the fire that swept through Seaside Park and the Heights on Thursday.
As the Governor said in the press conference earlier today, the damage is "complete."
Weekend, Fall Special Events Still A Go in Seaside Heights
Despite the destruction of Thursday's boardwalk fire just to the south, the Seaside Heights boardwalk is open and members of the Business Improvement District say long-awaited events this weekend will take place, and they predict the same for the full lineup of autumn activities.

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