Paul McCartney celebrates his birthday today, born June 18, 1942 in, where else? Liverpool, England.

He's currently on the road (wowing crowds as he always does) on his "Out There" tour, which just played the Barclays Center in Brooklyn June 8th and 10th.

And according to, he ruled at Bonnaroo, where he played last Friday night in Manchester, Tennessee to an adoring crowd.

Seeing the 70-year-old Beatle, whose voice has hardly aged a day since Please Please Me, play universally loved, time-transcending staples like "Let It Be," "Eight Days a Week" and "Yesterday" – selections from inarguably the most influential song book in pop music history – in 2013 (and all in their original keys!) is like being able to go see Abraham Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg Address in person.

The tour moves on to Europe this weekend, then back to the States and Canada for several more dates this summer.

Happy birthday to a living legend, and rock on, Paul!