Sammy Hagar admits there's, uh, still a little bad blood between him and Eddie Van Halen.

"I think Alex and I are probably still good friends. Eddie and I, we hit a real hard bump in the road. It's kind of like a relationship with a partner and things go so wrong that you just don't feel like you can ever let that go. But we'll see. 'Cause I think I can let anything go...."

Sammy wrote all about the tension and frustration of his days in Van Halen in the book he released in 2011, "Red - My Uncensored Life in Rock".

But he insists he still loves Eddie, although he'll never go back to Van Halen again.

Sammy is very happy with his supergroup, Chickenfoot, so much so that he says "January's on the agenda" for a new Chickenfoot album.

According to, Sammy Hagar has confirmed that January 2014 is the target month to begin work.

He also talked about his new album, "Sammy Hagar & Friends":

“It takes in the Montrose and Led Zeppelin influences on the heavy part, and on the other side it’s my island lifestyle with my feet in the sand. It’s who and what I am today.”