We all know that bass players are the overlooked middle children of rock...but this is your chance to rise up and claim the spotlight, bassists!

Sit back and enjoy the groove of 100 classic basslines, ranging from classic rock to funk to alternative and more, although there are some glaring omissions...what do you think he should have included?

(And you don't have to point out that the VERY FIRST RIFF isn't even played on a bass! Jack White just just drop-tuned his guitar.)

After watching the whole thing, I was shocked (SHOCKED I SAY) that there was no Sly & the Family Stone included! Blasphemy.  Where is "Dazed and Confused"? Where is anything from The Who?  What else did he miss? Leave your own comments!

[Edit thanks to Ryan on facebook: Sly was featured at #10.  Oops. I guess after the next 90, I forgot about the first ten. I was also expecting "Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf", and when I didnt hear that I gave up.]