Last night (9/21) the Bad Boys from Motley Crue rocked the stage at the PNC Bank Arts Center while on 'The Tour' with Kiss. As is custom with Motley Crue shows, drummer Tommy Lee performs a drum solo. Only difference was that this time, one lucky fan go to come along for the ride of their lives.   Tommy Lee was nice enough to take one female fan on 'Tommyland" with him last night, a circular roller coaster as he played his drum solo! It was amazing to watch and one could only imagine how cool it was to be the fan strapped in like you're on a ride at an amusement park and riding along with Tommy as he performed part of his drum solo.

Lee pumped up the crowd and got them cheering before the wild ride started. Tommy also had some fun with the lucky fan as he told her and the crowd "If you have any loved ones in the audience you may want to say goodbye to them now because I can never promise this thing is going to work right!" Well there is a vote of confidence if you've ever heard one, right?

As the drum solo progresses, just when you think it can't get any better, Lee tells the fan "let's go backwards" and the drum set goes in reverse!

The audio unfortunately isn't great, but the visual is the amazing part of the clips, just to watch everything going on and Tommy Lee not miss a beat throughout the entire thing. You have to watch it for yourself to enjoy truly appreciate it.

Here is part of Tommy Lee's drum solo prior to inviting the fan on the ride with him: (please be advised there is graphic language)


Here's the footage of the fan harnessed in to the side of Tommy Lee's drum riser, you can see her over Tommy's left shoulder, as he performs the second part of his drum solo.

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