When I see scenes like this, I want to wrap my arms around the heroes like this officer, who rescued a man from a burning car last night in South Jersey.

According to nbc40.net, Patrolman Scott Krissinger bravely pulled a man from a burning truck on Sunset Boulevard in West Cape May Monday night, but he denies being a hero, saying simply that any officer in his position would have done the same thing.

“I think any of us officers at the Cape May Police Department, they would've done the same thing, I truly do,” said Krissinger, “it just happened to be me.”

The driver of the truck has been identified as 61 year-old Gerald Ferrill of Mays Landing, currently in the hospital in critical but stable condition.

One of the things I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving is knowing that police officers like Mr. Scott Krissinger are on patrol. :-)