Yes, someone wrote a song about them.

And the blues are exactly what you'll have if you meet these miserable little creatures.

They're actually a type of mite and they truly will make your life pretty unbearable for a few days if you happen to cross their path.

I mention this because it's National Chigger Week.

What, having their own song wasn't enough?

I was attacked several years ago and it was a good reminder for me to never walk in the woods.

At least, to never walk in the woods in Jersey in the summer.

Or any other state (or country), for that matter.

The only thing that saved my sanity from the unbearable itching was the topical spray, bactine, which dulls the itch. But I was still raw and bleeding from scratching!

Have you ever been bitten by chiggers? Would you know if you had been?