New Jersey’s Powerball jackpot has increased to $320 million for tonight’s drawing, so there's a lot of fevered ticket-buying and many dreams of being happily set for life.

But would you believe someone is willing to fork over their own lottery winnings just to entice Guns N' Roses to get back together again?

According to an online article, Adrian Bayford just won the U.K. EuroMillions lottery and wants to use the $232 million to get G N' R to reunite.

Slash, however, has claimed previously that:

“I think that time is sort of passed at this point, but there was a period where big wads of cash were shaking in our direction. I think the concept of getting the band back together based on money is not going to happen.”

If you could spend money to get any band back together again (even magically resurrect deceased members), what band would it be?