If you have never played "Flip-Cup", it is an extremely fun game. Play it one day. It's a good time

The way it works:

  • Two teams line up on each side of a table.
  • Fill up each cup about quarter to half way with beer.
  • Place one of these cups in front of every person participating.
  • Someone not involved in the game yells "Go!" At this point, the first player from each team chugs their beer.
  • Once finished, the player must put the cup on the table, hanging off the edge, and attempt to flip it over so it lands on its top, by using their finger to hit the bottom of the cup. Only once the first team member has flipped their cup,then,the next person in line can start drinking.
  • Continue down until one team has finished drinking and flipped over all of their cups. They are the winners, then start over.

These people added an extra twist to it......SLIP & SLIDE!!!!!

This might be the greatest drinking game EVER!!!!