Governor Chris Christie says, "Folks have to make decisions, and some of them are hard decisions."

New federal flood maps have been approved and for those rebuilding in the aftermath of Sandy, it's a tough choice: go higher now or you get to pay more later.

Those who live in flood zones will have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to raise their homes or they'll pay outrageously high premiums for flood insurance down the road.

According to USA today:

"(Christie) cited the example of a property in an "A" flood zone that is now in a "V zone" (where breaking waves are possible) under the new maps. The owner will eventually face flood insurance premiums of up to $31,000 a year if he does not elevate a home. But the owner would pay $7,000 a year if he rebuilds to the now-recommended elevation or $3,500 a year if he rebuilds 2 feet higher than that."

According to an online article at CBS Philly:

"FEMA’s suggestions will not be finalized for another 18 to 24 months, but Governor Chris Christie has decided to adopt the rules now to guide homeowners as they rebuild. It’s an effort, he says, to make their homes safer and to help them save on insurance costs in the future."

Do you live in a flood prone area and if so, what will you do?