After reading the winners of the American Music Awards last night I came to a realization. While 105.7 The Hawk provides excellent classic rock; today's music is terrible diluted, homogenized, and most importantly awful. Evidence of that statement is clear with the "Artist of the Year" being Taylor Swift! 2011 is clearly musically the worst year ever.What has happened in society to make an unattractive, semi-talented girl like her the "best"? If Keith Moon could see it he definitely had tears in eyes. There is literally no way John Lennon could have even imagined music could have gotten this bad. Where are the people with good taste that can do something about this epidemic that is sweeping the world? If a 13 year old girl likes Justin Beiber that is fine, but he actually won an award. Previously generations would have made sure he wasn't even nominated.

Taylor Swift is the biggest problem though. People will actually try to convince you that her lyrics are deep and she is as good as Janis Joplin. I really thought we were done with her after the whole Kanye fiasco and to see her still around is heartbreaking. She represents everything that is wrong with the music industry today. Look up and down the winners list and see if you can find 2 talented artists. You can look all day and you won't find it. In 20 years what will get played on classic rock stations? They are replacing the greatest music ever created with pure garbage and we need a revolution to stop it NOW. What can we do to make things better?