No one has ever said that Kiss' Gene Simmons doesn't speak whatever is on his mind. So it should  be no surprise that the bass player with the elongated tongue had PLENTY to say during the press conference to announce their massive summer tour with fellow rockers, Motley Crue.

When asked about Kiss' exclusion thus far from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (they've been eligible since 1999) Gene Simmons told Rolling Stone that "It's become a joke. We've been thinking about it and the answer is simply, 'We'll just buy it and fire everybody.'" Simmons may have been joking but not being included in the R&R Hall of Fame is an obvious sticking point. Simmons went on to note that acts like Madonna and Blondie among others, don't belong in the Hall. If that's the case, then this year's induction of The Beastie Boys must REALLY be turning Simmons' stomach!

To his credit, Simmons has a major point here, Kiss has been rocking for over 40 years, selling out all over the world, endless record sales and yet Madonna among a laundry list of others are IN and yet Kiss is not? Unfortunately, Kiss isn't the only one  but they obviously lead a long head-scratching list of bands that have been left out in the cold by the Hall. Those bands include Rush, Deep Purple, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, just to name a few.

Simmons' bandmate through all these years, Paul Stanley added "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has reached a point where they're really scrounging and scratching to find someone left that they consider viable," said Stanley. "With all due respect, when you get to Patti Smith you're about two steps away from Pete Seeger."

Here is the footage from "The Tour" press conference:

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