Memorial Day weekend is a week and half away!!!

Hopefully with good weather this summer the beaches and boardwalks will be packed with people looking to enjoy the Jersey Shore.

Each beach town has their own "personality". Their own vibe. did a great story about the different characteristics of the towns, and boardwalks on the Jersey Shore

For example,

Seaside Heights
The Shore’s liveliest, most licentious boardwalk is a walk on the seaside’s wild side, with its tattoo parlors, bars, food stands and rides. The new boardwalk, replaced after Sandy in time for the 2013 summer season, is built of wood; no synthetic materials here. Must-food-stops: Park Seafood, above the Aztec Ocean Resort, and Maruca’s Tomato Pies, now inside JR’s Ocean Bar & Grill.


The greatest boardwalk Down the Shore, which makes it the greatest boardwalk anywhere. Two miles of food, fun, rides, shops, piers, neon and — Jersey’s only boardwalk sundial. Mostly wooden boards. What’s with the concrete pathway in the middle? It’s the route of the tram car, which announces its presence with the “Watch the Tram Car, Please” message.


Check out all the other boardwalks here, and have a safe and incredible summer!!!!

See you at the Shore