Sure, it'd be easy to just say "watch 'Passion of the Christ' on Easter", but that's not my style. Instead, here are the five best depictions of Jesus from the movies! Yep, I'm probably damning my soul because of this.

5 - Hamlet 2

This is an obscure one, but it stars Steve Coogan, who is a favorite of mine. I don't even know how to properly set this clip up, but a high school drama teacher writes a super-controversial play, and it includes a time-traveling Jesus who inspires the following musical number.

4 - Monty Python's Life of Brian

Blessed are the cheese-makers.

And for good measure, it's impossible to overlook this:

3 - The Last Temptation of Christ

A total 180 from those first two (and the next two), this is actually a very serious movie. Martin Scorsese directs, Willem Dafoe stars as Jesus, Harvey Keitel is Judas. It's an incredible movie, worth your time to watch.

2 - History of the World: Part I

Alright, back to the funny. Mel Brooks as the waiter at the Last Supper? Perfection.

1 - Dogma

I really really really miss George Carlin.


Did I miss any great depictions? Leave a comment!



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