Easter Bunny Costumes Are Creepy [PHOTOS]
You know that I love holidays. All holidays. You also know that I also love spring. Anything to do with spring makes me happy: the warm weather, the budding trees, the people just seeming a little happier.
But I do have to admit: there is just something about Easter Bunny costumes that have a &qu…
NJ is quite Egg-cellent! It’s All About the Eggs this Weekend!
Happy Easter!! Wait...Are you allowed to say that? Do people get offended by that? Or is it "Have a Happy Easter"?? Doesn't really matter!! We're talking eggs here!
Sometimes the simple things in life are actually quite tedious. Let's take boiling eggs for example. What is the proper time t…
Seaside Heights Easter Egg Hunt Postponed!
The annual Seaside Heights Easter Egg Hunt that was supposed to take place this Sunday, has been postponed due to the coastal storm coming our way this weekend. Officials have rescheduled the event for next Saturday 3/26 at 1p
Click here for more info...
Andy Chase- Fluffy Bunny Peeps Challenge [VIDEO]
What do you mean you never heard of the Fluffy Bunny Peeps Challenge???
That's OK, because there is no such thing.
Our behind the scenes digital/camera guy (we need a name for him) unexpectedly came into the studio with a box of peeps and a camera and asked me if I would like to stuff a bunch of …

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