Hawk Listener Backstage VIP at Springsteen Show [PHOTOS]
Congratulations once again to Lynn Johnston of Manchester!
She was our grand prize winner to go to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia to see Bruce Springsteen, AND go back stage for a meet and greet with Little Steven Van Zandt from the E Street Band and host of Little Steven's Underground G…
A Few Snow Pictures From This Morning
Thankfully the snow this morning was nothing like last week's blizzard. Most of today's snow will be gone by the end of the weekend anyway with temps hanging in the mid 40's Saturday and Sunday according to weather dude Dan Zarrow
It was pretty though to look outside this morning and s…
Andy & Jen’s Prom Picture [PHOTOS]
The other day I posted a photo from the night of my prom on my Facebook page. Jen Ursillo did the same thing. I combined them just for you!!!
No......We were not prom dates. We didn't know each other back then, but we both grew up on Staten Island...

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