Watch Out For a Rare Painful Jellyfish This Summer
A Jellyfish normally found in the Pacific Ocean has been discovered this week in the Barnegat Bay. Researchers don't know why it is here, but they say to watch out this Summer.
It's known as the "Clinging" Jellyfish, and it certainly packs a punch.
According to the Woods Ho…
You Can Help The Dogs Rescued From The Hoarder House in Howell
Earlier in the week you heard the story about dogs rescued from a house in Howell where the family was hoarding dogs. 276 dogs were removed from the house!
Since the story broke, the phones have been ringing off the hook at Monmouth County SPCA with people wanting to adopt the dogs. Officials say the…
Osprey Cam- Baby Ospreys are Hatching!!
It's been a few weeks since I checked Osprey Cam from Island Beach State Park, but something made me go check today.
As soon as I started watching I could tell that mom looked fidgety, and something was going on, and sure enough, a baby Osprey was hatching from it's shell...
Save The Seaside Boardwalk Cats
The Seaside Heights Animal Welfare Organization has been caring for a number of cats that live around the Seaside boardwalk. The township now has plans to relocate these cats, get all the info and sign a petition to help the cats!
Kelly Miller Circus ‘Family For A Day Giveaway’
The Kelly Miller Circus is coming to our area on Wednesday, June 8th at the Firehouse Grounds at 219 Railroad Avenue in West Creek.  105.7 The Hawk is hooking up local families to win 'Family For A Day' passes which include preferred seating, coupon books and exclusive access to other…

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