Brick Township Police issue a warning after several residents and business owners reported getting duped by scam artist.

The incidents, according to police, happened over the last week involving telephone financial scams.

Officials said in one of the instances, a local business was advised by a caller that JCP&L would disconnect their electric service unless they sent a significant amount of money via prepaid money cards.  However, police say JCP&L does not use outside companies to handle their disconnect services, do not request people to pay via money cards and do not request personal information over the phone.

In another scam a resident provided a fake charity with their checking account information when they were advised that they had previously promised to make donations. Police said several thousand dollars were removed from the resident's account before the scam was discovered.

Residents are being reminded to never give any of their personal information over the phone or the internet. If you are contacted by anyone requesting this type of information, Police ask that you try to record their telephone number and verify as best you can.

If you have any questions about a caller, Brick Police invite you to call them at the Township Police Department at 732-262-1100.

Listen to a conversation with Sgt. Henry Drew about the scams