Brian Johnson is a great frontman, most would agree, but even after 32 years, AC/DC's former beloved lead singer has still left a void.

Today would have been his 66th birthday, and you know he'd still be raising hell, even as a senior citizen.

Bon Scott was born July 9, 1946 in Scotland, moved with his family to the Land Down Under at 6, spent 6 years with AC/DC and died at age 33 of alcohol poisoning after a night out partying in London on Febuary 19, 1980.

But lest you think of him only as a macho, hard-living rocker, take note of the way his girlfriend described his loving gesture of a life-size teddy bear that he couldn't afford and had to put on "lay-by" (layaway to us Yanks) and pay off over a full year to surprise her.

That story and more is all in the tribute video below in remembrance of a great talent, gone too soon, like so many others.

Rock on, Bon, in a Land Up Above!