So as I was walking on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights the other day I noticed that almost every senior citizen walking around was wearing some sort of khaki pants. Whether it was beige, or brown, or navy, or even grey, it was all KHAKI'S!!! Wtf?

When does this happen??? Better yet, WHY does this happen? Blue to Beige. Is it inevitable? Is there anyway of stopping this transformation, or is this a form of evolution in the male species?

Guys we can not let this happen anymore! We need to remember our youth and not let go of who we are as human being's dammit!

Gentleman...We must resist the urge. And ladies....Don't let us get to this point. If you do the shopping for us down the road....Buy Jeans!

Let me know what you think. At what age does THIS happen? And can this ever be stopped? Please comment and let me know.