Wrestlemania 31 is this weekend. It's hard to believe that its been over 30 years of non-stop body-slamming memories! Besides the in-ring action, one thing that will always leave a lasting impression on any wrestling fan is the classic entrances.

Wrestling and rock n' roll have gone hand-in-hand since Wrestlemania's inception 30 years ago. Hearing that first note of your favorite wrestler's theme song as they take that walk to the ring is priceless. To celebrate 30 years of amazing Wrestlemania matches, we countdown the Top 10 best Wrestling entrance theme songs.

  • 10

    Rev Theory


    Randy Orton has found a way to make himself one of the most hated wrestlers in recent history. Orton attacks his enemies as "the voices in head" instruct him to do so. That being said,  Rev Theory's "Voices" make for the perfect compliment to accompany the Viper to the ring.

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    Rage Against the Machine

    "On Your Knees"

    Jack Swagger may be the "All American" but he can get the fan's blood pumping with this rockin' Rage Against the Machine tune.

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    Black Sabbath

    Cover Changed to "We Are Iron Men"

    While they may have tweaked the title a little to fit the tag team, The Road Warriors were one of the fiercest tag teams in wrestling history. When you heard that opening kick drum of Sabbath's classic, you knew mayhem was about to take place.

  • 7

    Killswitch Engage

    "This Fire Burns"

    "The Straight Edge Superstar " otherwise known as CM Punk is not only known for his amazing skills in and out of the ring but for his extremely good taste in music. Punk used this great song by Killswitch for a long time when he first joined the ranks of the WWE.

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    "Glass Shatters"

    Once you heard the sound of breaking glass, as Jim Ross once said "Business was about to pick up" because Stone Cold Steve Austin was heading to the ring.

  • 5

    Limp Bizkit


    The Undertaker has used a few great themes in his time but the years of being dubbed "The American Bad Ass" and using Limp's classic song "Rollin" as he came out of his motorcycle was just epic.

  • 4

    Alter Bridge


    Edge was a straight up rocker that just happened to be really amazing at wrestling. The "Rated R Superstar" has had some pretty cool theme songs but this amazing tune by Alter Bridge had to be by far be the best and will always be associated with Edge.

  • 3

    Jimi Hendrix

    "Voodoo Child"

    When Hulk Hogan reinvented himself with the New World Order he dropped the "Real American" theme song for this Hendrix classic and it just fit the change perfectly.

  • 2

    Living Colour

    "Cult of Personality"

    CM Punk has such great picks for entrance themes he makes the list TWICE. When Punk's popularity soared through the roof, he revived the popularity of this amazing Living Colour song at the same time. The best moment may have come when he had the band play it live to usher him in to Wrestlemania 29 in New Jersey.

  • 1


    "The Game" & "King of Kings"

    You know your one of the greatest of all time when Lemmy from Motorhead writes not one but TWO entrance theme songs for you. Both songs are included in the video below.