According to, two Metallica fans have gone out of their way to show how much they love the heavy metal band.

Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

Dennis Ortiz and his wife Annette Ortiz-Diaz welcomed their newborn son, Dax Orion Diaz to the world.

Apparently both parents are accomplished musician and have gone out of their way, even during their wedding, to show their favorite band, how much they love them. Husband Dennis is even in a Metallica Cover Band, called 'Trapped Under Rice.'

Here is video footage from their wedding, with both husband and wife, performing 'Master of Puppets.'


The Couple was actually fortunate enough to get to play with Metallica during the band's fans shows in California last year. Here is footage of the couple actually getting to play with the band.


Here is the announcement about the naming of their son, by Dennis and Annette, the proud head-banging parents.


If you were a superfan of a band, would you name your child after a song? And what song would it be? Leave your comments below.