The most fun, wild and insane obstacle run is coming to Jackson in September which means that you have exactly one month to prepare for the Insane Inflatable 5k!

Many people think the best part about the II5K is the number of bouncy obstacles that offer a small “break” from the 3.1-mile run. But, it’s important to remember that these things are still obstacles that you need to overcome. Here are the five ones that will be most difficult ones to get past during the race:

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    It’s a good thing that smartphones have built-in GPS capabilities, because you might have to put them to the test with this obstacle. At more than two stories high and with three different slides, it won’t be hard to get lost. Be cautious when you choose how you’ll escape.

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    Tangled Up

    It will be a miracle if you don’t have trouble escaping this bouncy nightmare. One of the most unique obstacles on the course, Tangled Up is much more sinister than it appears. It seems simple — you pick a lane, take a leap of faith and make your best effort to make your way through. But, getting to the other side is truly not that easy.

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    You might need to level up if you’re going to get past this bouncy giant. Throughout a lifetime, you can experience many ups and downs — you’ll probably endure even more during this obstacle. Choose your route, bounce up and down to get to each level and do your best to make it through without the obstacle leveling you!

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    Mattress Run

    It might sound fun, but the Mattress Run is nothing more than the ultimate tender trap. The run will put your agility and balance to the test as you trek across the menacing mattress. Don’t underestimate this obstacle — if you take one wrong step, you will be laughing at the mercy of its ankle-loving holes.

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    Pure Misery

    It’s might be the closest thing to military boot camp without actually joining the military. Your body will be pushed to its limits as you make your way through the 100-foot menace. Make sure that you come in with your sense of humor, because after it tests your flexibility, agility, strength and endurance, you’re going to need it. With this bouncy boot camp, the name really does say it all.