Another national list came out about who is playing nice and who is not. Big 7 Travel did a poll to find out what states are the most unfriendly and yes, we have our feet pretty firmly planted on that list. This is how we compared to the rest of the country.  Do you agree?

I think the people who did the survey were just a little confused. I mean, what constitutes being unfriendly anyway?  I personally think it is super unfriendly for someone with a southern drawl to declare "bless her heart" after ever so fakely being nice in her presence and then when she leaves the room gossiping about her. It is as if "bless her heart" makes it OK to say any awful this she wants beforehand. For my money, I'm a believer in straight talk. Tell me what you are thinking with no frills attached.  That saves everyone a lot of time and energy and isn't that really the polite thing to do?

These are the top 5 states for rudeness and I'm not a fan.  I think that the people surveyed are missing the idea of hometown pride.  If you are from a place like Jersey, or Boston for example you don't get to just waltz in here acting like you are one of us. You have to earn your place like anything else before you can claim to be from here.  That is about as rude as you telling everyone you are a Senior level exec when you are just an intern. It takes time to prove yourself and there is nothing rude about that.

The Top 5 Most Unfriendly States 

The Top 5 Most Rude States In America

I happen to see a ton of love and kindness in New Jersey. For example, Jersey native Jon Stewart built his animal sanctuary in New Jersey!


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