Great Dad or Just Plain Stupidity? [VIDEO]
Remember when you were growing up and you and dad would build things together? Maybe you were working on that tree house together, building that go kart, or  it was just working on things around the house. Maybe you do these things with YOUR son now.
Bobby Bandiera Added to Wingstock 2012
Wingstock 2012 is happening on Saturday September 29th at First Energy Park in Lakewood, NJ
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and special guest George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic have already been announced.
Does this Sign Hold Up in a Court of Law?
I am a pissed off DJ. I Was talking on the radio today about all the money under my floor mats in my car was taken (or should I say STOLEN) from a local car wash.
Now I can't prove it 100% that they are responsible, but they are the only car wash that I go to that I had vacuum the interior since…
More Crazy Weather On The Way
It looks like we are going to get hit with another round of gnarly weather (gnarly's a good word right??)
There is a strong line of thunderstorms moving eastward, which should get to us by early evening.
King of The Wing Competition is Back! [AUDIO]
The King of the Wing returns to First Energy Park in Lakewood, NJ for Wingstock 2012 on Saturday September 29.
More than 10 restaurants will be showing off their best Buffalo Wings and letting the Hawk listeners vote for who has the best wings on the Jersey Shore.
Lots of Flops [VIDEOS]
It's summertime! I present to you a compilation of the ultimate belly flops and back flip fails
A couple of these will definitely make you cringe