Toys for Tots Hurricane Drive Needs Your Help
Volunteers needed!! TOYS FOR TOTS HURRICANE DRIVE- Tuesday Dec. 18th
Volunteers desperately needed  to help with distributing toys for registered families. There are about 100 families that need toys delivered to, and they only have 6 volunteers so far...
It’s Friday! Do The Happy Dance
It's Friday!! Those 2 words sound fantastic. I love the fact that it's Friday. I also love the TV show "Family Guy". I also am a big fan of "Peanuts" Comics. (I like a lot of things today)
So what happens when you put all three together?
Dee Snyder NOT taking it
It seems like musicians just don't like Republicans using their music for campaign purposes.
The latest is "Twisted Sister" lead singer Dee Snyder who has asked VP running mate Paul Ryan to stop playing his song "We're not Gonna Take It" on the campaign trail. You could read the c…
Are You STILL Using These?
So I find these this morning sitting at my front door, and my first reaction is "REALLY"? "What the hell are those"? I also thought "This would be perfect if I had a fire pit"
Olympic Closing Ceremony-What Did You Think of It?
Last Night NBC aired the closing ceremony of the 2012 Summer games. It was packed with some of the most successful British music acts of all time.
The closing ceremonies featured Oasis, Spice Girls, Take That, Pet Shop Boys, George Michael, Brain May, Annie Lennox, and The Who.

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