Eli Manning Breaks Down at Coughlin Press Conference [VIDEO]
Yesterday, Tom Coughlin announced that he is stepping down as NY Giants Head Coach.
Today he held a press conference to say goodbye. He thanked his family, The Giants, the fans, and at the end of the press conference, a reporter asked him about Eli Manning and the changes that he will have to adjust …
Who Will Win Superbowl XLVII?
Superbowl XLVII is set. It's going to be the San Francisco 49'ers vs the Baltimore Ravens Sunday February 3rd in New Orleans. Right now the 49'ers are 3 1/2 point favorites.

There are some interesting story lines to this year's Superbowl.
Video Clip Of The Day- NY Giants Parade FAIL
Must be nice going through life as a hot chick right? Sometimes I'm guessing it's better not to say a word and just stand there and look pretty.
When the reporter asks the blonde who she wants to see the most, her answer just makes you want to shake your head...

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