Brick Announces Christmas Tree Lighting Date
Mark your calendars! On Tuesday, November 26th, Brick will hold their annual Christmas Tree lighting celebration at Town Hall at 5:30 p.m According to Shorebeat, It's a brand new tree this year. The evening will also feature holiday music, treats and a visit from Santa Claus...
Jersey Shore TV Show To Film In Lavallette This Summer??
According to Shorebeat, Mayor Walter LaCicero said borough officials received a request from 495 Productions, the producers of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,” to film in the borough. It looks like it could be happening. Lavallette officials also say that the town can't stop them from filming since filming would be confined solely to a private residence and not in public...
New Splash Park Attraction Coming to Seaside Park?
A new "Splash-Park" could be coming to Seaside Park if Planning Board officials approve a proposal by the owner of the former Funtown Pier property tonight during their meeting. According to Shorebeat: Funtown Pier Associates has applied for permission to build an elevated, two-story deck structure around a splash-water park feature above the associated kiosk and approval to relocate an
Permits to be Issued to Bring Your Dog to Huddy Park
For a long time now, Toms River officials have been having a hard time dealing with geese that are making a mess of Huddy Park in Downtown Toms River. In simple terms, all the goose crap on the ground is making a terrible mess. More than a pound and-a-half of goose waste is collected each day from the park, making it less attractive for visitors and producing runoff that can flow into the Toms Riv
Bada Bean Coffee Stand On Seaside Boardwalk Goes Bye Bye
How's that for alliteration?? (the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words) I wanted to see how many B's I can fit in the title of this blog actually. LOL Now that we know that the answer is seven, I can also let you know that Bada Bing Cawfee that WAS on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk is no longer...
4-Wheel Drive Vehicles To Be Allowed On Ortley Beach
Starting October 1st, 2019, four-wheel drive vehicles will once again be allowed on Ortley Beach for people wanting to fish. Now that the beach replenishment is completed in Ortley, Township officials adopted an ordinance on Tuesday allowing permits to be issued to drive on the beach between Oct...
Kayak Launch Coming to Toms River Red Carpet Motel Site
Good things are coming to downtown Toms River! Once the Red Carpet Motel is finally torn down in the next few weeks, Toms River officials plan on building a Kayak launch ramp that will be ready for this Summer. Officials are also planning on building two other Kayak launches in Ortley Beach and at Money Island Beach near Toms River Yacht Club...
“No Wake Zone” For Cars Coming to Seaside Heights
When Seaside Heights has to deal with heavy rains, certain streets get flooded. It also happens in Ortley Beach and Lavallette. What also happens is that people sometimes drive through flooded areas faster than they probably should and water gets displaced onto people's property causing damage to their homes...
New Superstore in Brick is Officially Open
The Laurel Square shopping center between routes 88 and 70 in Brick is starting to come to life once again! "At Home" Superstore officially opened it's door yesterday in Brick where K-Mart once stood. According to Shorebeat: Home décor superstore, offers more than 50,000 home decor items, from furniture, mirrors, rugs, art and housewares to tabletop, patio and seasonal decor Click HERE f
Seaside Heights Beaches OPEN Once Again For Swimming
Water quality tests in Seaside Heights have come that the water is safe for swimming, so the beaches have been reopened in Seaside Heights today. It was the first time in twenty years that the beach had to be closed due to the torrential rain that we had earlier this week that had officials worried that the water would not be safe for swimmers Click HERE for the full story  

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