Hey Jersey, You WILL Get Your Tax Refund Despite Shutdown
The Government shutdown is now on its 16th day and who knows when the standoff between Democrats and Republicans will come to an end. Last week, stories started circulating that because of the shutdown, people would not receive their hard-earned tax refunds until the shutdown comes to an end...
Vote in The Classic Rock Election
Please keep in mind, this is just for fun. Don't get angry at anyone, don't start fights, don't think that we're trying to sway your vote one way or the other. Lighten up, kiddo.
Dee Snyder NOT taking it
It seems like musicians just don't like Republicans using their music for campaign purposes. The latest is "Twisted Sister" lead singer Dee Snyder who has asked VP running mate Paul Ryan to stop playing his song "We're not Gonna Take It" on the campaign trail. You could read the complete story here. Past musicians who have asked politicians to stop using their music are: Read M