Metallica vs Megadeth – Metal Meltdown [POLL]
The Metal Meltdown is a new feature on the Slaughterhouse. We're going to take bands, musicians and songs, pit them against each other and YOU will decide the winner! In the first ever Metal Meltdown, we're going to take two of the 'The Big 4' thrash bands, Metallica and Megadeth…
Things That Rocked In 2011
Before we can ring in 2012, we must take a look back at events that shaped 2011 into a resurgence for the hard rock and heavy metal world. Here is a list of some of the things that helped make for a rockin' 2011.
Metallica Hits Low Low With ‘LuLu’ Collaboration [Video]
I tried to keep an open mind since the initial announcement that Lou Reed and Metallica were going to collaborate on a new album. I really did. I never 'got' Lou Reed and the whole poetry thing but he was going to be working with one of the greatest metal bands of all time, so I figured I'd give it …