James Bond

Top 5 USA vs Russia Movies [LIST]
Things are getting crazy in the world once again. Russia is looking like they will be using military force and invading Ukraine. The United States is totally against what Russia is doing. In a nutshell....This could be very bad! Seems very "cold-war ish"...
Even James Bond Hates The Kardashians
I know that everyone in Hollywood MUST hate the Kardashians. Along with any American with a brain. They have NO talent and yet they are on television nonstop. Kim also recently was awarded a lead role in a major motion picture. One man finally said what everyone else is thinking.
The New Bond Girl is Berenice Marlohe
James Bond is 1 of the most legendary and durable characters of all time. The actors who play 007 become household names all over the world. More important to me, and just as durable, is the Bond Girl in every film. For the new installment of the franchise, Skyfall, due out in 2012 they have chosen&…