Hurricane Joaquin

Hurricane Sandy Candlelight Vigil Set For Tonight
Today marks the three year anniversary since Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore and the east coast. A candlelight vigil is happening tonight in Ortley Beach
Ortley Beach was one of the hardest hit towns three years ago
Seaside Heights Preparing [PHOTOS]
I took a ride to Seaside Heights this morning to see how they are preparing for Hurricane Joaquin this weekend. The town isn't taking any chances. Preparations have already begun.
On the North side of Casino Pier, workers are building temporary dunes to hopefully protect the boardwalk from a sto…
Electric, water, gas firms gird for Joaquin
When gale-force winds and pummelling rains batter the shore, it's only natural to think, "Will my electricity stay on?". And, as many of us have learned the hard way, high-intensity weather events can also impact the flow of natural gas and water to our homes and businesses. T…
gas stations with generators
We all remember the long lines at gas stations after Hurricane Sandy. One of the big problems was that many gas stations had pumps that ran on electricity.
The state gave millions of dollars in grants to gas stations across New Jersey to install generators, check out this map to see where the generat…