Free Beer and Hot Wings

Free Beer and Hot Wings Show Chat with Andy Chase
The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show will be live from the River Rock Marina Bar on Rt 70 in Brick on Friday Morning from 5-10. Tickets are available by clicking here Also for the first time ever, they will be doing the Free Beer & Hot Wings "Live at Night" show at Martell's Water's Edge in Bayville. ...
Listen To Dumber Than Free Beer Trivia [Audio]
Each Thursday on the show, we play Dumber Than Trivia for a $500 cash prize.  Due to some instances of cheating in the past, we now require that all of our contestants be blindfolded and use GoToMeeting so we can watch them play and ensure that they are not cheating, and we get to see how ridiculous they look in their blindfolds. Today's contestant on a special edition of Dumber Than Free Beer Tri
FBHW Destroy Varacchi...Again
It's been a week since the FBHW live show and "tour of the shore", and Varacchi's wounds are just healing. Time to open them back up with a look back at the brutality!
See Your FBHW Photos
Free Beer and Hot Wings stuck around after the show this morning to take photos with all of their loyal listeners.  See your photos with the guys here!
Show-band WAYLAND featured the FBHW guys in their video for "Get A Little", watch it here!
It’s A Throwback Thursday Featuring Free Beer & Hot Wings!
Who doesn't love digging through the archives and pulling out some awesome (and possibly embarrassing) old pix? The Hawk is teaming up with Miller Lite this summer as they bring back their old school white cans, so we can all celebrate #throwbackthursday! Post your pic here!
The Hawk Massive Wedding is TWO Weeks Away!
And it is Valentine's Day weekend. See what I'm getting it? Come on guys! Your lady is always looking for you to be romantic right? How about you renew your vows at the Hawk Massive Wedding on Friday February 28th at the River Rock and Marina Bar in Brick. How about you get married for the FIRST TIME?

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