Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Pickup in Toms River Begins Next Week
If you STILL have not gotten rid of your Christmas tree this year, and you live in Toms River, their annual Christmas tree pick-up service begins on Monday, January 21st, and will run through January 31st.
There are also a bunch of recycling centers where you can drop off your trees as well through J…
NJ Tree Farm Selling Funky Colored Christmas Trees [VIDEO]
Maybe you are bored of that plain green Christmas tree, and you don't want a white one.
How about getting a purple one this year? Or maybe even a hot pink Christmas Tree? What about an electric blue tree?
Well, Wyckoff's Christmas Tree Farm in Belvidere, New Jersey can do this for you..…
Donate Your Christmas Tree to Help Restore the Shore
A program is set up to drop off your old Christmas trees where they will be used to help rebuild the sand dunes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.
Donated trees will be lined up and added to sand dunes to help trap sand and rebuild the dunes.
Click "Read More" to find out the drop off loc…