Captain's Inn

Caffrey’s Backyard Reopens Once Again on Thursday
Good to see Caffrey's is back again.
Last week Caffrey's Backyard in Forked River closed their doors for businesses temporarily due to the fact that one fo their employees tested positive for Coronavirus.
They made the decision to close to ensure the safety and health of their customers and …
Get Married On Friday At The Hawk’s Massive Wedding
First of all, I just want to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day!!
So since we are on the topic of LOVE, why not consider getting married this Friday at the Captain's Inn in Forked River. What even makes this more exciting is that I will be marrying all the couples...
Get Married By Andy Chase
No it's not Elton John's wedding. (Did he really get a girl?) It's the Hawk's Massive wedding on February 17th at the Captain's Inn in Forked River, and we want YOU to be part of it.