Barnegat Bay

Officials Warn- Stay Off the Frozen Barnegat Bay!
Local officials are warning people to not attempt to walk on the frozen Banegat Bay.
You would think that people are smart enough to realize that it hasn't been that cold for that many days in a row, and the parts of the bay that is frozen, well the ice is just not that thick...
The backstory of the venomous clinging jellyfish
Between May and October each year the Barnegat Bay Partnership (on the heels of their State of the Bay Report release), samples with a 50-foot seine net at numerous parts of Barnegat Bay looking for juvenile fish. Officials have come across a variety of estuarine fish since 2012, but among them four…
Nip the sea nettles: Barnegat Bay Blitz workshops upcoming
If your property includes floating docks or manufactured bulkheads, and you're not keeping them scrubbed, you're risking a proliferation future of the stinging, voracious jellyfish called sea nettles. New Jersey environmental officials venture to Ocean County lagoon areas in mid-May, to de…
Was Mary Lee in the Barnegat Bay Today??
Most likely YES, but OCEARCH.Org can not confirm it due to the "ping" being "low-quality"
This morning at 9:19am, this is where Mary Lee "pinged":
Another low quality ping from @MaryLeeShark in #BarnegatBay, #NJ. We suspect she is moving N up the b…
Barnegat’s Middle Sedge Island Mansion For Sale
And It will run you about $6.5 million bucks!! Maybe you can talk em down to an even $6 million
How bout get 10 of your friends together and it will cost you a mere $600,000 each!! Sounds like a bargain to me.
The 14.4-acre property comes with a main house and a guest house with a combined…
Shore Dreams for Kids Needs Our Help
"Shore Dreams for Kids", the annual event in Seaside Heights that provides a day of powerboat rides and carnival-style fun for mentally and physically challenged children and adults is suffering financially since Hurricane Sandy.

The event this year is scheduled for Saturday July 13th.