Is getting into NJ Real estate a lot like navigating the dating scene? The question got a chuckle out of New Jersey native Andrew Chiminec as he agreed there are a few parallels.

Chiminec is making waves with an '80s dating spoof video ad he recently debuted online.

He says the piece was inspired by real dating profiles that went viral a few years ago. As for those would-be bachelors, they're his friends, Taylor Allen and Biff Swenson. The duo are both active on the Asbury Park arts scene. They also starred in Drew's 2016 short film, "Raising the Dead." (They'd certainly give Ari on "The Bachelor" a run for his money, right ladies?)

So, should we look for a Tinder spoof follow-up? Chiminec laughed again and said he's always open to ideas. And yes, the above *is* an ad for the Realtor — but not one he paid us to run. We just thought it was clever and funny.

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