Northern Barrier Island  residents will be allowed back again on Saturday.

Hurricane Sandy damage on the barrier islands (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

The next phase of residents being allowed to return has been posted on the Toms River township website.

Based on the schedule below,residents will able to travel on their own between 7AM and 2PM for the purpose of winterization, meeting with insurance representatives and contractors.



SATURDAY             NOVEMBER 17, 2012

Shore Way (Lavallette Border) North to Strickland Blvd

Ocean Beach Unit 1                Ocean Beach Unit 2

Ocean Beach Shores              Seacrest Beach

Sunset Manor Shores             Ocean Beach Unit 3

Monterey Beach                      Ocean Beach Peninsula (Bayside)


SUNDAY                   NOVEMBER 18, 2012

Strickland Blvd North to 6th Ave Normandy (Brick Border)

Chadwick Beach                             Normandy Shores

Chadwick Beach Island                 Normandy Beach

Silver Beach


  • Residents of the above listed beach communities will be provided access to their homes from 07:00 AM to 2:00PM.  and should line up at the foot of the Rt. 37 bridge. Beginning at 2 pm, the roadways are transitioned into construction lanes for heavy equipment transversing the roadways.
  • Residents are requested to have identification and a proof of ownership for the house they are entering (Tax or utility bill.) Police will be doing additional checks at homes.
  • Residents will arrive via their own car and may begin the process of flood remediation and winterization. It is strongly suggested that residents work with their respective homeowners' association to have contractors on site to assist in the winterization process.
  • One car per household (as many people that can fit in one car.) Reminder that there are no facilities or utilities there. Translation- no bathroom, and you will not be able to flush your toilets. You will be able to come and go throughout the day.
  • Insurance adjusters may go over the bridge to see customers. Contractors may meet you over there for the purpose of winterization only.  They are not to solicit jobs. No major construction can take place at this time as the home owners only have one day to re-enter.
  • Access to communities other than those listed for a particular day will be denied. A controlled re-entry for Phase two will enable all people to get to their homes. Arriving on a day not scheduled will only slow the process.
  • Vehicle size restriction- No large moving vans will be allowed to enter at this time.

The roads are very narrow in many areas.  Residents are urged to comply with these guidelines to ensure all residents future access.