I have a lot of sympathy for waiters and waitresses, especially during the summer months here at the Jersey Shore.

Every sane person can agree that they are severely underpaid for the work that they do, so it infuriates me when hear about or see posts about waiters and waitresses not getting tipped.

In New Jersey, the minimum wage for tipped workers is $2.14. Look, I get why the wage is so low, but at least give these people a fighting chance. $5.00 an hour is not horrible. I'm sure every eatery at the shore makes enough money to pay their servers an adequate wage.

There is a post making the rounds on social media about a pregnant server not only NOT getting a tip for her work, BUT also receiving a nasty message on the receipt.

The post, written by Facebook user Ashley Lynn, says that a friend talked her into posting the picture accompanied by a long description of her disgust and explanation of what happened, "my job is wonderful 98% of the time. I meet great people who turn into dear friends," Lynn says in the post after revealing that she is eight and a half months pregnant.

Lynn says that the incident happened because she would not serve the patron's daughter alcohol without seeing identification, "people who have never worked in the industry do not understand what we go through," Lynn added in her post.

The receipt of the check amounted to $61.17 with no tip added.

The messed up part comes at the bottom of the check. A handwritten check by the patron reads, "may you have a long labor... good luck sweets."

Lynn concludes her caption on social media with, "Let’s all take a moment to hope this lady finds some happiness in her life," and goes on to say that we should share the sh** out of the post... and I totally agree.

The name of the restaurant and location has not been revealed by the poster.

You can see the full viral post below:


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