The Seaside Heights beach in 2018 might look quite different.

This week will begin beach replenishment and dune-building operations in Seaside Heights.

The project will also consist of new construction of entrances to access the beach. No longer will you be able to enter the beach at each street block.

Contractors will construct 10 new pedestrian entrance points (which will be known as crossovers) connecting the boardwalk and beach.

According to Shorebeat:

Five crossovers will be located at North Beach and five crossovers will be located at South Beach. Nine of the crossovers will be handicap accessible. Seven of the 10 new crossovers will be relocated from street ends to mid-block.

The mid-block crossovers will be located:

  • Between Sampson and Carteret Aves
  • Between Carteret and Kearney Aves
  • Between Fremont and Hancock Aves
  • Between Hancock and Sheridan Aves
  • Between Blaine and Sumner Aves
  • Between Sumner and Webster Aves
  • Lincoln Ave crossover will be located south (toward Dupont Ave) approximately 50-feet.

Confused? I was too. But click HERE to read the full story. My good buddy Daniel Nee who wrote the story will help it all make sense!!


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