We announced last week that the retail chain Walmart will not open its doors on Thanksgiving.

They have chosen do to this so employees can spend the Thanksgiving holiday with their families.

Retailer Target and Dick's Sporting Goods have also chosen to remain closed on Thanksgiving so employees can spend the holiday with their loved ones and also to reduce big crowds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's too bad that it took a global pandemic for these huge corporations to finally let their employees enjoy the holiday like the rest of the country.

According to Target:

Closing our stores on Thanksgiving Day. When we say you can take advantage of great deals all season long, we really mean it. So kick back, relax and enjoy a long nap after you finish that last piece of Thanksgiving turkey. This season, you can count on getting extra-big savings without the extra-long lines, with plenty of opportunities to score the best deals on the hottest items both before and after November 26.

So to all the Target, Dick's, and Walmart employees out there...Enjoy Football (if we have it), eat lots of food, and take many naps this Thanksgiving Day!!

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Andy Chase
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