The official trailer for the upcoming Grateful Dead documentary Long Strange Trip has been released.

You can watch the two-and-a-half-minute clip for the four-hour movie, which opens on May 26, below.

The movie tells the story of the band, which formed in 1965 and broke up 30 years later, in 1995, after the death of the group's de facto leader Jerry Garcia. They released a little more than a dozen studio albums during their career, but they were best known for their live shows, which would regularly go past the three-hour mark.

They were at the height of their touring popularity when they called it quits in 1995. Long Strange Trip promises a look at the Dead from both their perspective and from their fans'. Archival footage and new interviews make up the film, which will arrive on Amazon Prime on June 2, following its brief theatrical run.

The movie won't shy away from the members' legendary drug use either. In fact, percussionist Mickey Hart said that even though the movie is "charming and heartfelt ... it’s sad in some ways. It’s not a date movie. I wouldn’t take my wife to see it.”

In other Grateful Dead news, the band just placed two albums in the Top 15 on this week's Billboard chart. Cornell 5/8/77, a document of the group's Cornell University show, which fans call the best Dead show ever, debuted at No. 10; Get Shown the Light, an 11-disc box that also includes the Cornell concert, checked in at No. 15.

These mark the Dead's highest chart positions in 30 years.

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