I'm a Jersey girl through and through which means a lot of things but for purposes of this post let's focus on the fact that Jersey girls LOVE getting their nails done.  When I'm sensible, I'll just get a gel manicure (Lincoln Park After Dark and Bubble Bath from O.P.I. are my staples). When I'm feelin' myself I'll go alllllll in and get long, coffin shaped fake nails with art. So, for the 4th of July I was looking online for creative ideas and what I saw next had me speechless, literally words could not come out of my mouth and I talk for a living. I stumbled across the most jaw-droppingly worst manicure EVER.

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Teeth. I found thick, realistic, able to chew your steak for you molars made into a manicure. You know that show "How It's Made"? well the cool thing about this Insta post is that they show you how they created this atrocious spectacle. Without further delay, here is the molar manicure:

OK, even if you're a dentist or dental hygienist as your friend, I have to put my foot down.  No one at the Jersey Shore is allowed to get this manicure OK?

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Next, I moved onto a more realistic and patriotic search to get ready for the holiday (or Holly-day) when your last name is Holly ya gotta make that cornball joke don't ya?

So, I kept looking and found this for the July 4th holiday. I'm in love with the glitter stripes!  Also, if you're looking for ideas this site gave me life.

Photo credit/source: @traceyloveslacquer
Photo credit/source: @traceyloveslacquer

What is your favorite spot to get your nails done at the Jersey Shore? I love pics! Email them to me at  Shannon@943thepoint I'll feature you in a post! Happy 4th...stay fabulous and eat that BBQ with your mouth, not your manicure lol. xo

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