Did you know that the world’s largest Wawa is located in Pennsylvania? It may not be too far from you either! It’s been open for a little bit now, but to be honest, I had no idea that this specific location was home the the largest

Wawa in the entire world! In the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area, Wawa is in just about every other town. They’re known for having a huge selection of subs, sides and so much more, and now even pizza!

You can find just about every food, dessert, or snack you could possibly be craving at any Wawa location. At the world’s largest Wawa though, you can experience it in a brand new way. It’s located in Philadelphia and takes up 11,500 square feet!

According to 6ABC at the time of its opening, the store has huge screens, a mural of the Philadelphia skyline, a cafe, and even free wifi!

You’ll never be able to experience Wawa in such an epic way anywhere else as you can at this location located in the heart of Philadelphia.

Where is the world’s largest Wawa location located?

If you’re looking to check out this piece of Wawa history, you can for yourself at 6th and Chestnut in Philadelphia, PA! The store opened back in 2018, but I had no idea that this specific location was the largest in the entire world!

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