There’s a brand new way to eat ramen in New Jersey and if you’re a fan of the famous Japanese dish, you will for sure want to check out this spot in Fort Lee.

If you’re a fan of ramen, you know there are so many places in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York to get a great bowl of the classic dish. You can try it in different classic ways or there are some other versions of the popular soup that you can find all over.

Tsujita is a ramen spot in Fort Lee, New Jersey that is serving up this amazing dish in a way you may not have seen before. reported that this is the first ‘dipping’ ramen shop on the East Coast and is for sure a spot that is worth trying if you’re a fan of ramen.


Normally when you go out for a bowl of ramen, it’s served in a bowl with the broth added in with the ramen noodles, meat, vegetables, etc. This spot serves the normal add-ins you would find in a traditional bowl of ramen, but your broth is served on the side.

Then you dip everything yourself into the broth. This just looks like a really fun and different way to enjoy the ramen you love in The Garden State.

Tsujita has one New Jersey location and it is located at 2034 Lemoine Ave #5b in Fort Lee, New Jersey. You can check them out online here and check out their Instagram here.

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