Looking to try out some of the tastiest treats in the entire country? Look no further than this little bakery in Philadelphia.

There’s nothing better than a sweet treat at the end of your day and if you’re looking to check out one of the oldest bakeries in the country you can do it right in Philadelphia, PA!

Termini Bros Bakery has been operating in Philadelphia since 1921 and has been serving up the freshest baked goods ever since.


It’s been over 100 years of sweet treats coming from this iconic Philadelphia bakery and it’s one of the biggest names in the city.

From pies to pastries to cakes and cupcakes, this is one of the oldest and best bakeries in the city of Philadelphia.

This spot is a must and the next time you’re in the city and are craving a sweet treat, you need to make your way to any of their 5 locations throughout the city.

You can visit their main location at 1523 South 8th Street in Philadelphia, PA. You can check out all of their locations and more on their website, here.

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